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A Valentine’s Gift

Show your loved one that you took the time and effort to express your love through
the gift of baking.

We have so many great cookie recipes, from Chocolate Chip; to Sweetheart Cookies; and even Cinnamon Cookies, you are sure to find one that they love. Bake your
special person’s favourite cookies, allow them to cool.

Idea 1: The Cookie Box

Pack the cookies in a white bakery box. Customise the white box with cut out hearts, ribbon and a special love note to seal the deal.

Idea 2: The Cookie Mason Jar

Delicately arrange them in a mason jar. Use a Valentine’s themed piece of material to wrap the jar and tie it with a piece of twine to complete the rustic look. Attach your love note to the twine.

Idea 3: The Pringles Can

Stack your freshly baked cookies in an empty Pringles can. To prep the Pringles can: remove label and paint the can white. Use red ribbon and twine to decorate the can.
Don’t forget to attach your love note.

Idea 4: The Cellophane Bag

Place your cookies in the cellophane bag and tie it with decorative ribbons and your love note.

Take a look at all of our fantastic recipes and show your love on this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Stork Bake Lovers!

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